Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rules of the Road

There are many things that bother me when driving.  I think a little common sense, patience and courtesy could go a long way in decreasing road rage and accidents.  We could all have a much more pleasant time driving to work. Here is an ever-growing list of things I dislike about driving.  I'm sure I am not alone on some of these.

Why does it seem like someone always has to pull out directly in front of me and cut me off, even if there is no traffic behind me?   Those extra few seconds were so important that you just had to get in front of me?

Must you drive so close to my back bumper that it looks like you are going to hit me?  Just pass me if I am not speeding enough for you!  Continually riding my bumper will only make me slow down to doing the exact speed limit.  I really don't want you to hit me, even if it would be your fault.

Motorcyclists -- you make me nervous.  Most of you are very good drivers and follow all of the rules.  I worry that somebody is going to hit you, since there are some terrible drivers around here.  That being said, could you please have a word with the idiots on the crotch rockets that seem to think they are invincible?  Weaving in and out of traffic stopped at a red light in an attempt to get to the front and cut everyone off?  Not bright.  It's also not a good idea to try to pop a wheelie in the middle of a 3 lane highway.  I've seen both just in the past week.

Bicyclists -- I don't like you when I am driving or as a pedestrian.  Many of you don't seem to think you have to follow the rules of the road when riding in traffic.  As a pedestrian it scares the crap out of me when you come riding up behind me super fast and then ring a bell to warn me you are there.  All it does is startle me, and it might make me flake out and step right into your path.

Pedestrians -- crosswalks are your friends.  Use them.  Don't just step off the curb willy-nilly in the middle of a block crowded with parked cars and assume that traffic knows you are going to attempt to run across the street.  We are not mind readers, and there is a good chance you will get squished.

Old People in Parking Lots-- you are the scariest drivers.  I've seen, heard, and felt more than a few of you hit the building I work in while attempting to parallel park.  Do everyone a favor and park in a regular spot (just not near my car, thanks).

The lawn service truck that almost took me out yesterday -- I'm not sure you know how to drive, or if you even really have a license.  A red light means stop.  It does not mean to continue on your way through a busy intersection and hope that the people with the green light can stop in time.

Aficionados of the horn -- There are times when it makes perfect sense to blow your horn.  The split-second the light turns green, especially when you are the 5th car back in line, is not one of them.  That is just annoying.

People who do not get out of the way when an ambulance is trying to get through -- you suck!  What if it was your family member or friend that was injured?  What if you were the one the ambulance was racing to save?  I bet you wouldn't like it if people slowed them down.  Pull over and let them through.  The short time you are delayed won't kill you, but it might kill somebody else.  (That goes for all emergency vehicles -- it just really bothers me that people can't make way for an ambulance.)

I didn't mean for this to sound like an angry rant, but it kind of turned out that way.  I'm not a perfect driver by any means.  I've gotten a speeding ticket.  I was in an accident -- a guy backed into me when pulling out of his driveway, then said he "thought he hit a tree."  Really?  A tree growing in the middle of the road? 

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