Friday, April 6, 2012


I suppose since this is my first post I should tell you all about myself, but I'm not going to do that. Let's take our time and get to know each other slowly, okay?

 I don't know what this blog will be about or how long it will last. I like to think I am truly interesting and funny, worth you spending your precious time on the internet to read. I think we all like to think we are fascinating to other people. We can find out together how this grand experiment works out!

 So what is the purpose of this thing? I really wish I knew. There is no particular topic I'll be covering. I promise I will try to update each day. Does that sound good? I mean, the address I chose is blatheringnothing, so that should kind of give you a clue.

This all seemed like a much easier idea when I wasn't staring at a blank page.

 If you have somehow found your way here, welcome! I have no idea how you did it, but I hope you enjoy your visit.

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