Saturday, April 28, 2012


I think that, by now, if you have spent any amount of time on the internet you have seen footage of people in the Occupy movement getting arrested.

Let's discuss this video I came across today on Facebook.


Have you watched?  Good!

So, according to the video we see a woman, apparently an observer from the NYCLU,  getting arrested for being on the curb.

WTF NYPD?  Seriously?  The lady was standing there.  She moved when, it would appear, she was told to move the first time.  She was standing far enough from the curb to be on the grate, the same grate the protesters were marching on.  You literally grabbed her and dragged her a  few steps into the street to arrest her!

By the way -- how is doing an arrest in the middle of the street safe?  Just curious.

Secondly: was it really a bright idea to arrest the observer from the NYCLU?  There is a very good chance that if she isn't a lawyer or law student, she probably knows some.  Hope you didn't do a single thing wrong with that arrest.  Just saying.

Third:  what is your obsession with her not standing on the curb?  She could what -- fall off into the street and disrupt the traffic that doesn't seem to be there?  The street appears to be closed and safe, since you hauled her into the middle of it to arrest her.

Also, if it is all about safety and maintaining the flow of traffic, why are you not arresting all of those people in the background who are happily jaywalking?  You seem to be a bit persnickety on which laws you are choosing to enforce.  I have a friend who got a ticket for jaywalking, and he was in a crosswalk -- he just crossed at the wrong time, after the driver waived him across the street.    I'm assuming it has to be about the non-existent traffic, because you can see people walking down the sidewalk earlier in the video without a problem.

So what exactly was the problem here?  She moved, you still didn't like where she was standing, so instead of letting her move to a distance of your liking you pull her into the street?  That's some calm, cool problem solving, all right.

It's wrong.  Beyond that, I am tired of seeing my tax dollars wasted on such ridiculous moves.  There are no real, actual crimes in NYC that require police attention? 

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