Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crime Spree

Every year when the weather warms up, I notice a massive increase in the number of sirens going off.  Police, fire, ambulance -- with my house being centrally located near some major roadways, I get to hear them all.

Is it simple mathematics?  Warm weather means more people are out, driving about like lunatics and getting into accidents?  I know the warm weather makes people bust out their barbeque grills, so maybe they didn't store them properly for the winter and it catches fire?  Maybe the warm weather has inspired all of the college students to have parties which are then busted for noise and/or underage drinking? I know the amount of sirens definitely increases on the weekends when the college students come back in the fall.

Could it be that there are more sinister machinations at work?  What if the criminals are getting smarter, plotting out their robberies and burglaries over the winter and just waiting to hatch their dastardly plans in the spring!

I don't really pay attention to all of the sirens going off any more -- not unless it is a really unusual number, or they sound like they are stopping on my street again.

Oh yes, I did say again.  When I bought my house I thought I was moving into a quiet, sleepy little neighborhood.  It is smack in the middle of everything, but people tend to forget we are here, since we are tucked away up a hill.  Since moving in, the house at the end of the street got busted for being a crack house, one of my neighbors got arrested for allegedly dealing drugs and running guns (according to neighborhood gossip -- I was at work and found out months later), and I found out that I share a property line with a pedophile.  The rest of my neighbors seem really awesome and nice though! 

So it isn't that I wish ill on anyone else.  I don't want anyone else to have their home catch fire, or to be in a car accident, etc.  I'm just really, really glad when it turns out to be something other than a problem on my street.

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