Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just Ewww -- a Facebook Tale

You always hear about how you should be careful of who you friend on Facebook.  They could be creeps, or out to steal your information, looking to rob you when they know you are away, serial know, the normal list or weird-people-that-might-be-out-to-get-you.

I think I met one today.  He needed help because he didn't know how to use his Facebook.  Judging from what I saw on his Home page, he is either friends with only strippers or wannabe strippers. 

Gross, but that's not the truly creepy part.  (Well it's still creepy, if you saw this guy.)

He wanted to print out some of the more risque, clothing barely there, pictures of these ladies.  I do not want to know what he was going to do with them.  I've been trying not to think about it at all.  The flashy-thing from Men In Black would be perfect, really.

Props to Facebook for not giving the print option when you right-click on a friend's picture.  That's all it took to stop this guy.  I've never tried to print them out myself, although since you can save them it wouldn't be hard.  I just played stupid and said it must not be possible.

Oh-- he also wanted to know if there was a way to search for friends who were only women, ages 16-30.  I do not need to know this much about your taste in women, dude.  Walk it back.

Ladies: you really need to think twice before posting any kind of provocative pictures of yourself on FB. At the very least, wear clothes.  No underwear pictures. There are some serious creepers out there.  I don't know any of the women in the photos on his page, but trust me when I say he is not the Mr. Right you might be hoping to lure in.  He's very much on the Mr. Wrong side of things.

**On a different note**

I've gotten over 200 views on my blog, according to the stats!  No, my own views don't count or that number would be so much higher. ( I'm a little paranoid about typos.)

Thank you for reading my blog.  There are either a lot more of you than I thought, or just a few of you who are very, very dedicated.

Also, you all really seem to like dumpsters.  That post has way more views than any of the others.

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