Saturday, April 28, 2012

And that's where we're at

So, I think my phone hates me.  That whole mobile posting thing hasn't really worked yet.  I'm still trying, though!  At some point there will be a weird post popping up about something in the grocery store.  Believe!

In other news, I have a tumblr.  Well, technically I have had one since 2007.  I kind of forgot about it for months (or years) at a time, and what is in it is total crap -- mostly links to YouTube.   Anyway, I recently discovered it again.

Rather than bore you with the total crap one that I don't generally remember to update, I have spawned another one from it.  This one is just going to be for my photography.  I'm not proclaiming that it is anything awesome.  It is a hobby, and I use a Kodak EasyShare camera.  I'm just picking out some of my better shots and giving them a home there.

There isn't much in it yet, since I only created it like a day ago.  If you would like to take a look, you can find it here.

So stay on the look-out for that grocery post.  I'm kind of afraid I've built it up too much now, and it will be a total bummer when it appears (and it will appear).   Just remember it will be fleshed out more after I get a chance to work on it after the phone-related part is finally over.

This isn't much of a post.  Sorry.  It's late, and I have to work tomorrow, and my brain has pretty much shut off for the day. 

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