Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Meet Jazz-kitty.  (aka Jazmine).

Hello, new people!

Jazzie thinks she is a fearsome and mighty hunter.  So far her "kills" are a stink bug and a moth.  She does not eat them, she just plays with them until they are dead.
Jazz-kitty thinks she wants to play with the birds.  She spends a fair amount of the day running from window to window, watching the birds and talking to them.  She also gets herself in a fair amount of trouble when she decides to climb the screens on the porch windows to get a better view.

I'm pretty sure Jazzie would be surprised if she could see how big her bird friends (mostly crows) are when she is up close and personal with them.  Her bigger problem, however, is that she is afraid of the door.  

And the outside.  

And loud noises.

And strangers.

So unless a bird somehow flies into the house, there is very little chance she will ever get to meet one.

She keeps waiting, day after day.  Watching the birds and hurling herself at the windows.

I tried carrying her out into the back yard.  She was okay at first, then a loud truck drove by and she freaked and I bled.  It won't be happening again very soon.  She won't get too close to the porch doors now.  I think she is afraid that I will make her go back out into the cold, cruel world.

It's hard to be Jazzie.  For now, she takes her tiny frustrations out on her feathered bird toys.  (Why yes, she is very spoiled.)

Birds -- rest easy.  The mighty hunter will not be out to get you any time soon.

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