Friday, May 11, 2012

That's some good coffee

Yesterday I mentioned that I was not hyped up on Panamanian coffee.  I'm still not, but I thought that might need a little explanation.

I work in a library, and we have a sister library in Panama.  We sent them some books written in Spanish, and they sent us coffee beans.  According to them it is supposed to be the best coffee in the world.  (Sorry, I don't remember the exact name of it.)  We got the beans, had them roasted locally, and then the staff got to have some Panamanian coffee beans.

Now, I love my coffee.  Sweet nectar of the gods!  I do not have a particularly picky palette when it comes to coffee.  My scale is: bad, okay, good, and really good.  Most of the time I just get the ground coffee from the grocery store.  Sometimes when it is on sale I will get the whole beans.  I have the super-cool coffee maker with the built-in grinder.

I don't know if it is just that the Panamanian coffee really is the best in the world, or if the remarkably short time between the roasting and the drinking caused the effect that it had.  I'm sure the coffee I get from the store was roasted (and ground, most of the time) long before I ever got it.  Whatever the reason, the Panamanian coffee had me wired!

Since I have the grinder-brewer at home and we do not have a way to make it at work, when we want Panamanian coffee I make it and bring it in to share.  The first time we had it, I was hyped up all day long on 2 cups of coffee.  It literally got to be the middle of the night and I was still raring to go.  Friends, you must get some of this coffee if you need to pull an all-nighter! 

I did suggest that we should also get a sister library in Jamaica, and maybe they would send us some Blue Mountain coffee.  One in Hawaii would be good too, so we could have some Kona.

But the one I hope and dream for is a sister library in Sumatra, Bali, or Indonesia.  Why?  I'm hoping they would send us coffee as well -- and I want to try the monkey poop coffee!

Oh you read that right -- monkey poop coffee.  The world's most expensive coffee, and the only way I will ever have a chance to taste it would be to get it as a gift somehow. 

I'm curious as to what the person who came up with this idea was thinking.  I know I would never look at civet shit and go, "Hey!  I bet I could dig through there, get out the coffee beans, clean them up, roast them and drink it and it would be awesome!"  I don't get an overwhelming urge to dig through elephant poop at the zoo to see if there are peanuts in it that I could plant.

I know, deep in my heart of hearts, that one day I will realize my dream of trying monkey-poop coffee.  Believe!

...But until then I will enjoy the poop-free Panamanian variety.

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