Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why Can't I Sleep?

I haven't had any caffeine lately.  Not hopped up on Panamanian coffee today (long story for another time -- not a drug reference though!).

I've been trying to convince myself for the past hour that listening to the rain gently falling outside is calming and relaxing.  Usually it does help me to just drift off to sleepy-land.  It's not working tonight, however.

I have already tried taking a nice, warm shower. 

I have tried playing solitaire.

I tried listening to classical music.

I was reading, but the book I am reading is too good and doesn't make me sleepy.  (Nerd Do Well by Simon Pegg)

So I am now resorting to the tried and true -- having someone read a bedtime story to me.  (Well, more like the cartoon of the book.)


Of course, you can always go a totally different route...

Don't let small, impressionable ears listen to this one!

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