Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

Hola, amigos!

So today was Cinco de Mayo, or May 5th with lots of people drinking for no real reason except they had an excuse.  View it as you wish.

I went out to dinner with my friend, Lisa.  We went to a restaurant somewhere south of here in the Fishkill/Hopewell Area, that's all I can tell you.  Take me off of Route 9 and I am lost.  We decided to have margaritas and pretend we were in Mexico.  They were even playing theme-appropriate music!  This place also had a couple interesting patrons who made their presence known before we were even seated.

Now, the restaurant had a bar, as they often do.  This particular place had a patron and her friend  meandering their way back through the restaurant to get to the bar area.  I would guess she was in her 50s, or else she has done some hard living and it has taken its toll on her face.  Totally normal, and you probably wouldn't think anything of it unless you had our view and she was walking toward you.

She was wearing what I will call a Flashdance-style pink t-shirt -- you know, with the neckline cut open so it slides off of one shoulder?  This was either a home-made "I'm-Going-to-Cut-Out-the-Neckline-and-Make-Myself-Sexy" job gone horribly wrong, or she really doesn't know how to buy clothes the right size. 

So they are strolling through the restaurant, and about half-way to where we were waiting she realizes that her shirt has slipped, and she pulls it back up.  When I say slipped, I mean her entire right shoulder and boob were hanging out, as well as a good chunk of her stomach.  Thank all that is holy she was wearing a black bra!  And she just kept walking, no big deal, got to go back and get another drink.

Seriously?!  Did you not look in the mirror when you were in the bathroom?  How did you not feel a draft?  Also, WTF kind of friend lets you walk out of the ladies' room like that?  Shouldn't she have given you a little warning -- a quick, "Hey Babs (I don't know her name, obviously), your tit popped out again."?  (Yes, I am assuming this wasn't the first time it happened.)

We sit, we have dinner and a drink.  As we are leaving, don't we run into Babs and her friend again?  They were having some kind of dispute with the hostess.  Lisa thinks they were getting kicked out.   Babs at least had her shirt on all the way this time, but her friend was somehow tripping on the floor mat while standing still.  I'm not really sure how she managed it.  It was like she couldn't quite lift her foot high enough to get it the few millimeters off of the floor and onto the mat.  We left, and they were still arguing.

On the drive home I encountered the police in Wappingers.  Not near the restaurants or bars, where you might expect them to be when a lot of people have been out drinking.  Nope.  They were parked in front of the County Players theater, and I mean directly in front.  Lights going, officers out of their cars, one was walking up to the doors.  I have no idea if this is normal practice when they have a performance.  I think the performance must have been over, as there were far fewer cars than usual parked on the side of the street.  Riot in the theater, perhaps?  Cast party gone out of control?  Biggest and brightest full moon of the year tonight, you never know what might happen!

I got almost all of the way home, and then I saw something that just made me sad and a little angry.  Remember my post about the dumpster, and how a coworker had to cajole one of our younger patrons to get out of it?  It was about 10:45pm, and as I am driving home I see our little patron, his brother, his sister, and a couple other children hanging out on the street corner.  My best guess is that the oldest was maybe 13 years old.  Does no one care about these kids?  WTF are you doing letting your kids wander around at that hour of the night?  They were at least 2 blocks from home, no way a parent or anyone else could see them to know that they were safe!  I almost pulled over to talk to them and tell them they had to go home, but I wasn't sure they would recognize me outside of work and I didn't want to frighten them.  I guess saying we would call his parents and tell them he was climbing in a garbage dumpster wasn't really much of a threat.

And that was my exciting Cinco de Mayo.  Anyone else have some good stories?

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