Friday, May 25, 2012

OMG It Better Not Really Be Bodies

You might remember, friends, that I previously mentioned having some interesting neighbors.  Over the weekend some things happened, leading to some odd developments last night and today.

The neighbor had a lot of work being done in the back yard.  (This would be the neighbor with the husband who, according to neighborhood gossip, was arrested for dealing drugs and running guns.  He might be a former husband at this point -- he certainly isn't living there any more.)  There were a bunch of guys over, fixing the garage and stuff.  They were there all day, working hard and making lots of noise.  That was over the weekend.

Last night around 10 pm, I hear a lot of people talking, and I notice there are all of these lights in the back yard next door.  WTF?  That is not a normal hour of the night to be doing gardening or any kind of project.  I wrote a status about it on Facebook because it was weird, and more than one person suggested that they were burying the bodies.  Funny, right? Of course it is -- especially for those familiar with my neighborhood!  I lol-ed, said it wouldn't surprise me.  You get the idea.  The guys were there until about 11pm.

So imagine my surprise when I come home for lunch this afternoon, and my driveway is blocked by a large truck.  Annoying, but not a huge problem.  The guy offered to move it, but I told him not to bother as I would be going back to work shortly.

Then I took a good look at the truck.

It was delivering cement.  I shit you not.  They were freaking mixing and spreading cement in the fenced-in back yard where the shady "cover of darkness" yard work was being done last night.  I cannot make this stuff up.

I kept it together and smiled at the cement-truck guys while I went into the house, and then I had a slight freak out.  All I could think was,  "Holy shit there might really be bodies!"

I went back to work, and I really hoped the truck would be gone when I was done for the day.  It was gone when I returned home, but there were still 2 guys there working.

Well, more than two.  Two Hispanic guys who actually appeared to be doing all of the work, and one guy blabbing and hanging out in the back yard, who I assume was supervising the operation.

One of the guys was out front, apparently finishing up some yard work.  The other was in the fenced in back yard with The Blabber.  There was a pile of mulch in the neighbor's side of the driveway, and a bunch of tools.  There is still some kind of a mini-bulldozer parked across the street, and another piece of equipment around the corner and a big pile of rocks.

So these two Hispanic guys (they were speaking Spanish to each other, which is why I say that.  I don't know what country they emigrated from, obviously) are busting their asses.  They had been there for several hours at this point, as they had been with the cement-making crew earlier.  The Blabber was still in the back chatting and yucking it up with whomever else was back there.

It was hot out today.  Not horribly hot, but the humidity was nasty, and it has been raining the past few days.  Not fun weather to be doing a lot of manual labor, is my point.  I had all of the windows open in my house, trying to cool it off.

They took a break around 5:45 or so, and I think that was only because The Blabber had a visitor.  He had taken several very loud phone calls by then, and then sauntered out across my yard to meet a guy who had parked across the street.  The guy brought him a nice, cold drink -- cause he had worked so hard shooting the shit and all.  Nothing for the two guys who were doing all of the work.  They were sitting on a bucket and leaning on a wheelbarrow, and they had an almost empty gallon of water that had been sitting in the sun in the driveway.  Nice.

So, as soon as The Blabber and friend went into the back yard to have more Happy Chatty Fun Time, I took the two guys a pitcher of nice cold fruit punch and some cups.  I felt bad for them -- but I didn't want the people who may-or-may-not be burying bodies in cement to see me and get pissed off.

The Blabber left shortly after, so no more work was done.  The bulldozer is still across the street, the other thing is around the corner with a pile of rocks.  I have no idea if they will be back tomorrow or not.   I guess I will find out in the morning.

So in short:  there may or may not be bodies buried in cement in the yard next door.

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