Friday, May 4, 2012

Quick Updates

Sorry I didn't update yesterday, friends.  Sometimes life gets in the way a bit.  It was a long day, and my internet connection was going veryyyyy slowly.  No way was I going to start a post and then find out the connection went out completely.  I was not up for a game of You-Better-Hope-That-Autosave-Feature-Really-Works-And-Ran-Recently-Or-You-Just-Lost-Everything.

Here are a couple quick updates for you:

1) The Case of the Disappearing Bike:  the bike was gone yesterday!  I don't know if it got thrown out, if somebody finally took the rest of it or what.

2) The New Pink Slime:  so that weird strawberry & cream spread?  I totally caved and bought it.  The ingredients actually don't look that bad.  We're going to to do a taste test, folks!  All for you, in the  name of science.

3) We are also going to talk about cheese, I think.

So stay tuned!

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