Monday, January 30, 2017

So, There's This Super Bowl Game Happening

Hi there, Friends.

I'm not really a big football fan, so this is kind of an odd topic to bring up.  Like you should be impressed and proud that I even know who is playing in the game.  I don't like watching it because I'm always afraid that someone is going to get hurt when they tackle each other.  I'm weird, I realize. Most of the country loves it and I'm always worried about seeing an injury.

This is why I need your expertise here, Friends.

I'm not quite sure if Super Bowl pools are actually legal or not, so let's just say it this way...

Hypothetically, there could be a Super Bowl pool in existence.  Probably many, all over the country. Let's say that I had 2 squares in a totally-hypothetical-and-not-at-all-real pool.  As mentioned above, I don't watch football that often, so I have no idea what would be "good" numbers to have know, if the hypothetical pool actually existed.

Let's get a little more imaginative with our totally-not-at-all-real Super Bowl pool. Using our imaginations to pick totally random numbers out of the ether, let's say I wound up with the following in this totally-imaginary-and-fake situation:

Falcons 1 Patriots 5
Falcons 5 Patriots 2

If our imaginary pool were to exist, would those be good numbers to have?  I honestly have no idea. Do they come up very often in scores?  Or, in the context of our imaginary scenario, would I be totally screwed?

Thanks for your help, Friends!  (Please note: I will also have no clue if you even know what you are talking about.)

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