Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ice Ice Baby

Hey, Friends.

We got a little bit of an ice storm last night, right on the heels of a lovely weekend that felt more like Spring than Winter.  So many people told me that it was just going to be rain.  I didn't believe them. When it comes to to the weather I listen to Hudson Valley Weather as they tend to be a lot more accurate and specific to our area.  Their forecast said sleet and possibly snow, and they were right!

This was the very start or it last night, just in time for the drive home from work.

Last night, as the ice was falling, I decided I should wander around and take some pictures.  Luckily for me we have a delayed opening at work today, so I had extra time for more pictures this morning. Might as well make the best of it if everything is going to be an icy mess.

From last night.  Look how pretty the ice looks!

The hydrangea in my garden last night, coated with ice.

Same former flowers in daylight.

That's my back yard. No, that really is the whole thing. You can see my garage on the top left, my neighbors blue garage/shed on the right, and the bottom of the fence in the back.  It was so cruddy that even the deer don't appear to have been out galavanting in my yard, or raiding the bird feeder.

It actually got inside the lingering husks on my Rose of Sharon.

Already starting to melt a bit in the front of the house.  (That was my anise plant).

Neighbor's tree is a little weighed down.  Hopefully it melts before it breaks.

My car in its ice cocoon.

I could actually see and feel the individual little pellets while cleaning off the car.

Why yes, I did buy it just for the name.

It looks like I led a Smurf massacre on my front walkway.

The Highway Department seems to have done a pretty kick-ass job, so hopefully getting to work in a bit will be nice and easy.

That's what I've been up to for the last 12 hours or so, Friends.  Well...including sleeping, of course. I hope you have better weather wherever you are reading this! 

I'll leave you with this: shoveling ice is a bitch.  It's heavy as hell and that plow wake is no joke. 

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