Thursday, January 19, 2017

Almost...But No, Probably Not Even Close

Hey, Friends.

Do you ever wonder how hard it must be to be a celebrity sometimes?  No, really.  It's got to be like being the popular kid in high school only you're under a thousand times more scrutiny. Why yes, this is the nonsense that runs through my mind at times.

Maybe you just want to go out and get coffee, or meet a friend for dinner.  Now someone recognizes you.  And yeah, it's a good problem to have to be popular and get recognized on the street. People obviously like you and your work, which is great. I'm sure you get used to it after a while.  But now do you stop and talk, take a picture or whatever? One or two people, okay, but what if more show up? If you ignore them is it going to be all over the internet that you were an asshole and wouldn't stop to talk to your fans?  What if you're already running late and you really just can't stop at the moment, and now that's the one time some dude parked 3 cars away decides to shoot video and post that you are a jackass?

Why am I pondering problems that, most likely, I will never have to deal with?  Fair question, Friends.  Because it happens to me sometimes, but on a much smaller tinier not even remotely close scale.  Okay, it's really nothing like it, but it's the best comparison I could manage.

For example, I went to get coffee on the way to work yesterday morning.  There's a dude chilling outside the door, and he says, "Hey, Girl!  Do you know what time it is?"  So I tell him it's about 8:30 and wander inside to get my coffee.

I come back out and the dude is still there, but this time he's all, "Hey!  I know you!  You're the Library Lady!"  Yup.  That's me.  So now I guess we are going to have a chat.

Dude: You going to work?

Me: Yeah, but I'm going to the branch.  Not into the city.

Dude:  Oh.  Can you give me $5 for bus fare?

Me: Uh, no.  I've got $1.  You can have that.

Dude:  Thanks!  I'll pay you back, I swear!

Me: Don't even worry about it.  Have a nice day!

Dude:  See ya, Library Lady!

That's paraphrased a bit, but you get the gist.

That shit happens a lot.  I'm used to it now, but it freaked me out at first.  Not going to lie.  Just because I don't necessarily remember them, doesn't mean they don't recognize me.  I'm not going to be rude and ignore someone.  Common courtesy and manners make life easier for everyone, kids.  Also -- just be a decent human being and acknowledge that someone is speaking to you.  And it also reflects on the library, even though we aren't there at the moment.  I don't need to contribute to any feeling of ill will against the library, or have rumors running rampant that I'm a bitch.

It doesn't happen to me all the time.  It's never a concern when I leave the house about who I might run into that day.  I've never been swarmed with people wanting to chat when I just want to grab lunch.

It does make me wonder how much more difficult it must make things if you do have to worry about it on a grander scale.  If I were to blow off the guy outside the door asking for money?  There's very little chance anyone would ever hear about it.  It sure as hell isn't going to be all over the internet in the next few hours, complete with video.

I've got no follow up for that, Friends.  Consider it an example of the flotsam that floats about in my brain.

On a totally unrelated note --

My last post with the attempt at vlogging?  You all seem to like that.  A lot.  That post has been viewed twice as much as anything else I have posted in months.  I'm hoping that's a good thing.  For all I know I could be getting turned into a meme somewhere as we speak.

Since you seemed to enjoy it, Friends, I put together more nonsense that didn't fit in the first video. You can watch it or not -- entirely up to you.

Questions Part II

And, since someone said it would be funny to watch all of my facial expressions and hair shenanigans in fast motion, I tried to do that too.  

It's not great, but I'm seriously impressed with myself for even figuring out how to do this.

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