Thursday, February 9, 2017

Snow Day!

Hey there, Friends.

We're having a little bit of a winter storm here today, Friends.  I have the day off from work because of it.  I'm happy to have the day off, but I don't look forward to the snow removal process.  I was perfectly happy with the weather we were having yesterday.  Welcome to the Hudson Valley, Friends!  50 degrees yesterday, snow drifts as tall as my hip in the driveway today.

I woke up this morning and looked outside, hoping that maybe all the forecasts were wrong and we weren't going to get all of the snow.  My hopes were dashed rather quickly.  Imagine opening your front door to see that the snow is creeping onto your front porch, driven beneath the porch door by the wind.

Not what I want to see first thing in the morning.

Screw this.  Time to make some coffee before even thinking about dealing with the snow at all.

As I was in the kitchen making my much-needed coffee, I could hear the birds outside chirping and squeaking like crazy.  I really thought that one of the feral cats that roams the neighborhood was out there causing chaos.  No sign of any cats, but apparently the birds like to hang out on my back steps.

Shelter from the storm

After having some coffee I decided to bundle up and head on outside.  At the very least I was going to have to fill the bird feeder since I had a lot of feathered friends visiting.  Might as well take a wander down the street and check on the state of things while I'm out there.

The birds were definitely out, in full voice, and waiting for some food.

Hang in there, buddy.  I'm working on it!

I shot some video of my stroll for you, Friends.  Enjoy it from the warmth of your home.  (And if you're sitting on a tropical beach somewhere reading/watching this? Don't tell me.  Just know that I'm jealous.)

The tree creaking is seriously creepy

I'm pretty sure if I had to go to work today, I wouldn't have made it off of my street. If I did somehow manage to get there, I never would have been able to make it home again -- got to go up a pretty good hill in any direction

View from the top of one hill

The other direction is more picturesque

When the main roads look like that?  Pretty safe bet your is street is low on the priority list.

Those would be the hip-deep snow drifts forming in my driveway.

I shot some in slo-mo, too, just because it seemed pretty.  Well, until you hear the bizarre background noise that is the creaking trees.

It wasn't until I had already determined that it was too damn cold to be outside for any longer that I bothered to check the weather.  We've covered this before,  but I honestly amaze myself at my continuing inability to look at the temperature before deciding to go outside.

Feels like 11.  I'd say that qualifies as cold.

Don't be like me, Friends.  If you're going to go out and prance about in the snow like a fool, check the weather first.  Maybe reconsider and go when it is a tad warmer, or put on more layers.

At least the birds are happy and fed now.

Enjoy, little guys!

I'm going to drink some more coffee and attempt to thaw out.  I'll have to go back out to deal with the snow removal and dig out my car at some point, but that can wait for a while.  

Enjoy your snow day if you have one,  If you have to go out in this: be careful and safe travels!  

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