Saturday, February 25, 2017

Death of a Bachelor

Hey, Friends.

I went to a concert last night.  Now, normally I don't do whole posts about such a thing unless it is Heffron Drive , but I'm going to make an exception on this one.  I went to see Panic! At The Disco last night with a friend at Mohegan Sun Arena. Why am I making an exception on this one?  Because I know my niece will be dying of jealousy.  She went to see them last year, and pretty much lived in that tour t-shirt a majority of the summer.  (And they played with Weezer!  I'm freaking jealous, and she didn't even invite me to get my ass to Texas and go with her.)

Anyway, this post is pretty much for her benefit, and anyone else who may have wished to go to the concert.  If you have no interest in the band you should probably just skip this whole thing.  Honestly, I also need to get all of this off of my phone because it is taking up too much storage space.

Let's start with the pictures first, shall we?

Saint Motel opened, and they were fantastic.

Not familiar with them?  You should give them a listen.

Next up was MisterWives -- new to me, but I enjoyed them as well.  And then we heard them on the radio on the drive home, which was cool.

Next was a moment of fascination watching this happen.

I don't know how I have managed to never witness this before, but it was really cool to watch them go up and situate themselves up there.  

And then it was time for Panic! At The Disco.

Hell yeah!

I made a video, Friends.  Kind of shitty camera work on my part, but you'll have that.  It was mainly to send to my niece at some point, but might as well share it here.

Someone was also handing out these hearts before the show.

It did look pretty when they were all lit up during the song.

Since we had a VIP package, we also got gifts.  I guess you could consider this a spoiler alert if you are going to a show and don't want to see.

Tote bag, guitar picks, vinyl, and a t-shirt

I got home around 2 am.  Much less traffic driving in the middle of the night, although I could have done without the patchy fog and bits of rain.  Can't really complain though, as the concert was worth it.

I rounded out my exciting night (or would it be morning at that point? Whatever, you know what I mean.) with a bowl of chicken noodle soup before passing the hell out.  

And that brings us up to date, Friends.  So far I have had a shit ton of coffee today so that I resemble a human being.  I blame my cat (Jazz-kitty) for being evil and deciding that I really needed to wake up at 8 am because she could hear the birds outside.  I have a ton of things I need to do, but there might be a nap in my future -- not gonna lie.  

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