Sunday, February 12, 2017

Phone Notes Part V

Hey, Friends.

It's snowing here, again.  Been trapped in the house all day and I'm bored.  I'm not going to thrill you with any pictures of the snow today, sorry. Okay, maybe one that pretty much covers my delight at having to deal with more snow.

Instead, I decided that we could have fun looking at all of the random shit that I wrote as a note on my phone at some point.  You like those, right?  Hope so!  If you've been here a while then you know the drill.  I'm going to share the flotsam that was going on in my head.  If I remember what inspired it, or why I even made the note in the first place, I'll try to explain.  Some are pretty self-explanatory this time, I think.

1.  I sometimes check my phone, certain that I heard it going off, only to discover that it was a phantom sound and nothing is there.  Other times I can sleep right through the alarm -- and I use the really annoying alarm sound.  I don't understand how people can wake up to music.  I've tried and it never works.  I end up incorporating it into my dreams as a soundtrack.

2. It's 19 outside (feels like 10).  I wore fleece-lined leggings & a wool sweater to work in an attempt to stay warm in the building.  I go to Stewart's (it's like a convenience store, for those not in the North East) after work to buy gas.  Apparently they are having an ice cream sale -- and they are really pushing it.  Like I must have been asked 3 times if I also wanted to buy some ice cream.

No.  I very much do not want to buy ice cream right now.  No, I'm sure I won't want any tomorrow either.  I just want to pay for my coffee and the gas and leave.  I want to go home, drink my coffee, put on warm clothes & wrap myself in a blanket.  I'd like to feel warm again at some point.  Ice cream has no part in that plan.

3. **Fun fact:  this was apparently written at 2:01 am, on a random day back in September.  I could elaborate on it further, but I'm not going to.  I'm a little iffy on even including it.**
Past hurt and disappointment.  Time passes.  Trust once broken is a hard thing to regain.  I expect too much.  Setting the bar lower and lower and still I manage to be dazzled as he flies spectacularly beneath it.

4. Neighbor calls: "Did you see the thing?  The thing in the road?"

Okay, I know exactly what this was about.  My neighbor called the other night, convinced that she had seen a "big thing" crossing our road, down near my house.  This was about 10 pm.  She had been outside walking her dog, and it freaked her out enough that she and the dog immediately headed back inside.

No, I did not see the thing.  

She continues, telling me that it was bigger than the cats that roam the neighborhood.  That it seemed bigger than the cats, but not as big as her dog, but it didn't walk like a dog.  What could it be?

I told her I thought it might be a raccoon.  They are around here.  I saw one in my backyard over the summer, and they can get pretty big.

She was already moving on.  What if it was the bear?  We never did find out whether they caught it or not.  I tried to reassure her that it wasn't a bear, and that a bear should be hibernating right now.

She tells me that is was big, and it was dark colored.  "Maybe it was a coyote? Oh, what if it tries to eat the cats, or attacks my dog?"

Okay, there is the remote possibility that it might have been a coyote, but I'm not telling her that.  That will in no way help me to calm her ass down. I reiterated that it was probably a raccoon.  Yes, they are dark colored.  Fucking anything is going to be "dark colored" when you are looking at it at 10 pm. Maybe it was a stray dog.

It could be damn chupacabra for all I know.  I didn't see it.  I kept telling her it was probably a raccoon, and just to be careful when she is out walking her dog.  

5.  Every day I secretly hope that something random and awesome will happen.  And I drink coffee -- lots and lots of coffee, just to make sure I don't miss the little spark of awesomeness when it happens.

6.  Did you ever encounter someone and you can't even wrap your brain around how they are real? Overheard a conversation, and I was absolutely just as dumbfounded as the one participant.

Person 1: So, what do you do?

Person 2: I'm John's girlfriend.

Person 1 is tapping away on her phone

Person 2: I thought you looked familiar!  Where do you work?

Person 1: I don't work.

Person 2: Well, then do you go to school or something?  Volunteer?

Person 1: No, I don't have time for that.

Person 2: Okay....but then what are you doing all the time?

Person 1: I told you, I'm John's girlfriend.  *continues texting*

It continued on.  Apparently that is literally all she does is be this guy John's girlfriend.  She lives with him, doesn't work, doesn't do anything else.  When he is away on business she lives with her parents.  Chick had to be in her 30s.  She doesn't have time for a job because when he has to go to Albany for work, she rides with him to keep him company in the car, and so they can have lunch together.  No, they don't have any children or anything. She was texting John, who was like 20 feet away on the other side of the room.

WTF people.  I'm really trying not to judge here, but how is this even possible?  I get that maybe they are just crazy in love with each other.  Apparently they have been together for a couple of years. She was there with John, but she didn't know anyone so decided to just sit down and wait until it was time to go. 

How can you literally have no life, zero things to do of your own?  What can you possibly have to say to each other via text that can't wait until later?  You're in the same damn room -- you can literally see each other!  What happens if you break up?  You have no money, no job. 

The whole idea kind of broke my brain.  I get that they are (I assume) in love and want to spend as much time together as possible, but it seems incredibly strange to me.  How do you not do anything else with your life?  I get that they are in a relationship, but that doesn't mean that you totally lose everything about yourself.  Maybe I'm wrong.  I'm single, so what the hell do I know.  Maybe she's actually brilliant.

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