Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Damn It, Stella!

Hey, Friends.

So....we are currently having a blizzard here.  You might have heard about it.

Being the dumbass idiot fool curious person that I am, I decided to go take a little wander around outside in the blizzard.  I mean, the birds were out in the back yard. How bad could it be?

Pretty damn bad, as it turns out.

The snow was over the top of my boots before I ever made it out of my driveway.  A plow came down my street at some point in the past, as the plow wake comes up past my knees, and I kid of attempted to hurdle over it.

It's also cold -- really, really cold when that wind kicks in.  My phone-hand was bare while I was taking pictures and video, and it was numb by the time I got back inside.

Don't be like me, Friends.  Look at my pictures, watch my video, and experience the storm vicariously through me.  Stay inside where it is nice and warm.

Squirrel made a tunnel through the snow in my yard

The birds have declared my back steps to be their safe space for the storm

Good thing I filled the bird feeder yesterday

That's looking down toward Main Street.  You can barely even see the closest building.

So I made a video of my explorations.  Normally I would have taken more photos, but:

a) it was freaking freezing 
b) the snow was continually getting my phone all wet
c) I thought a video would capture it better

For your viewing enjoyment....

But really, why does it sound so weird and distorted at the end?  

So that's it, Friends.  I'm going to stay inside and drink some coffee.  Maybe I'll make another foray outside again later.  

Right now I have to go prop a chair up against the door of my front porch as the wind keeps blowing it open.  Fun times.

And I think a bird just got blown past my window.  It didn't look so much like it was flying as being tossed through the air.

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