Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Christmas in September? Sort Of, Kinda

You know how every year, right around the end of November/beginning of December you start seeing the posts from your super-organized friends about how all of their holiday shopping is done and wrapped?  How they can't wait to relax and bake cookies and watch the snow fall?  How life is so much better because all of their holiday stress is gone?

Yeah.  I hate those people. (Not really. I still love you, but I question whether you are actually human.)  Their perfection makes me feel like a gigantic, inadequate slacker.  Every triumphant post declaring their shopping complete makes me want to punch an elf want to flick their post off of my screen, and then I stress out more about how behind schedule I am.

I'm not in the Holy-Shit-It's-Christmas-Eve-And-I'm-Shopping-In-A-Convenience-Store crowd, but I am usually wrapping presents right up until the last minute.  I never seem to have an few extra weeks before the holidays to relax.  I'm usually working, and cursing out the snow that I have to shovel to get to work.  Any cookie baking is done late at night.

Friends, you might be wondering why I am posting about this in early September. That's a fair question, and I have an answer for you:  I want to brag.

No, I did not get all of my shopping finished.  That's crazy talk!  Honestly, unless I see something awesome and perfect I probably won't even think about doing any for a couple of months. That's how I roll.  I can't think about Christmas when it's 90-something degrees outside and the air conditioning is running.  I also like to tell myself that I work better under pressure, so procrastinating just brings out my best.

I'm bragging about having started --and finished-- my Christmas shopping for my niece today.

Yes, I realize that it is only one person...
and those gifts have not even been shipped to me yet....
and they still have to be wrapped at some point...
and then shipped to Texas.

I don't care.  I'm counting this as a win. I got them ordered.  The hard part is now done.

I can officially cross one person off of my list.  Let me have my one small moment to bask in the glow of accomplishment.

And it will be a small moment.  I'm not posting the link to this anywhere.  I needed to get the bragging out of my system, so I dumped it here.  

If you're reading this I'd like to thank you.  Yes, you.  You must be a very loyal reader to have come across this.  Either that or you must be really bored to have found your way here.  Whatever the case may be, thanks for spending some time on my drivel.  I appreciate it more than you know.

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