Monday, October 10, 2016

Fun at the Farm

Hey, Friends.

What do you do on a beautiful October day when you don't have to work?  You go apple and pumpkin picking! Well, that's what my friends and I decided to do today. Where did we go?  To DuBois Farms, of course!  That's where I always go when I have time.  It's lovely. (Full disclosure: my friend's sister and her husband own the place.  I'm slightly biased on this topic. You should still go and check it out if you live in the area -- it was voted Best Pick-Your-Own in the Mid-Hudson Valley.)

Seeing as it is a farm and all, we decided our first stop had to be the petting zoo to see the animals.

The baby alpaca is adorable when it runs!

Pigs, having a snack

Then it was time to get down to business and pick some apples!

Yeah, we aren't reaching those.

Yeah -- people really are assholes and will just throw them on the ground.  Poor apples.

We can totally reach these, though!

Someone (who shall remain nameless) decided that she really wanted the red apples that were near the top of the tree.  What to do?  No sticks to pick them with, so I volunteered to be the Official Tree Climber and Reacher of Red Apples.  I may also have been the only one crazy enough to have volunteered to do it.  

I am up there...I just blend.  Like apple tree camouflage.

We also picked grapes.  Well, mostly I picked grapes.  Way more grapes than I probably need, but I love them so they will be eaten.


You can't go and not get a pumpkin.  It's October.  Kind of required to go pick a pumpkin at some point.

So many pumpkins!

I picked mine because I liked his stem.  

So cute, and happily living on my front steps.

They also had flowers that you could pick.  Sadly, the sunflowers are no more, but they still looked pretty cool in my opinion.

Former flower

The other flowers were gorgeous:

Flowers on the farm

The butterfly agrees!

So, two of us decided to pick bouquets.  They really were beautiful flowers.  Let's start with mine, shall we?

I think they look cool.  I had another reason for choosing them as well.  I'm pretty sure that when I inevitably forget to water them and they die, they will look good when they are dried.  That's thinking ahead, Friends.  I recognize my weaknesses, and one happens to be keeping flowers alive.

Our fancy bouquets!

I believe the conversation that followed went something like this:

Friend: Take a picture of both of them!  My flowers are so pretty!  Tammy, it looks like you just picked a bunch of thistles!

Me: Just two different styles. My flowers are awesome!

We are so mature.

My flowers are awesome.  Jut admit it.

It was an excellent day!  We had a great time, ate some delicious food, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

I will, however, remember to bring a hair tie next time.  It was a tad bit windier than I had anticipated, so I spent a lot of time trying to keep my hair from doing this:

Definitely need to pull the hair back next time.

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