Monday, August 24, 2015

Oh, Monday!

Friends, this will not be news to the majority of you, but Mondays kind of suck.

It's the beginning of the work week.  You're getting back into the swing of things after the weekend. It seems like there are always more problems that have to be dealt with on Mondays.  No matter how positive you start out, Monday is most likely going to be the day that tries to destroy your spirit.

Generally, or maybe I'm just lucky, you can find at least one of your friends that seems to not be having a shit day and talk to and/or text with them.  They can cheer you up, talk you down, give you advice -- whatever you might be needing at the time.  Maybe you just want a like-minded soul to commiserate with and discuss how things seem to be bad all over.  Hopefully you have someone to fill that role in your life.  Sometimes just getting it out of your system is all you need to do to feel better about the state of your little corner of the universe.

Today seems to have been a little rough for a lot of people. I'm basing this on the fact that every one I heard from made reference to needing to acquire and/or consume beverages of the alcoholic variety after the day they had.

That sounds bad.  I should clarify that I am not a lush and my friends are not alcoholics.  No one was in a happy place.  That's the main point.

I feel the need to somehow try to make everyone's day a little bit brighter.

How do I propose to do that?  By sharing some super-awesome poems and artwork that I created when I was 8 years old. My mother kept everything my brother and I ever did in Memory Boxes, and gave us each our respective boxes once we were adults.  Please allow me to share a couple of my newly recovered masterpieces with you.  These were included in a year long project, under the title "Poems".

Check out that unicorn!  Poor thing didn't even get a nose or mouth.

Long horn
Is make believe
He lives by the trees to
He lives by the trees of the elves

Not so much a poem as a random bunch of words strewn about.  I do love that I felt the need to label the unicorn as such in blue crayon, just in case the teacher couldn't tell what my creation was meant to represent.

My second offering:

Gnomes -- complete with the back-end of the unicorn jumping into the poem.

Small men
Small men with beards
Small men like little elves
Gnomes give presents to people

I must have been reading a lot of fantasy books when I was eight.  I think I might have had them confused with Santa's elves, as I cannot think of a story where gnomes willingly give gifts to people.  I also notice he lacks a beard, although I did specifically mention that in the poem.  Good thing I once again labeled my fine work with blue crayon!

It also reminds me of the time my nephew forgot what elves are called, and referred to them as "Santa's midget clowns".  Granted he was five, but it was so cute, and I still refer to him as my midget clown.  Can a general confusion about elves be hereditary?  

Did I manage to cheer you up? Maybe you cracked a smile? If nothing else I hope your day is at least infinitesimally better than it was before you read this.

Happy Monday, Friends!

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