Sunday, April 27, 2014

The People From the Attic

I bought my house about four years ago. It's an older, bungalow-style house built in 1935.  The guy I bought it from was really nice.  He left all the paperwork about the repair work he had done while he owned it, he knew it was my first house so he left me a ton of furniture which was awesome since I had none.  The place was sparkly clean inside and in the garage.  I literally could not have asked for a better person to buy from.

The attic was also spotless, except for a broken drawer from a piece of furniture that wasn't here, and in the drawer were three old black and white photos.  He was so thorough about everything else that I can only assume these are not his relatives.  He had to have known they were there, as I spotted them immediately.  I can only assume that they were there when he bought the house a decade earlier, so he left them where he found them.

After I had lived here a bit, I discovered a name written in the cement in the basement -- presumably when the floor was poured or patched.  It happened to be the same last name as a gentleman my parents are friends with.  Turns out his family lived here many years ago, when he was growing up.  He didn't recognize or know the people in the photos from the attic though.

I have no idea how to track down whom the photos might belong to, but I decided they shouldn't stay up in the attic.  Judging from the background, and knowing this area was very different back in the 1930s, I think it might be the original owners or their family.  The background looks similar.  I dusted them off, framed them, and I have them out in my house amongst many other pictures.

I realize it would be an Internet Miracle if anyone actually recognized these people, but why not try?  Below are the photos I found in the attic.  If you happen to recognize them, please let me know!  Otherwise they will stay here in my house, out where they belong instead of in a dusty attic.

Little Girl

Little Girl and her Mother, I assume.  Maybe in front of a new car?

It appears to be the same car

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