Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fun Times in the Supply Closet

Friends, you may remember from my last post that the library I work in is moving to a new location. Predictably, we have been doing a lot of cleaning, sorting, packing and throwing away.  Today a brave coworker and I tackled the monstrosity that is the main supply closet.

I honestly do not think that thing had been cleaned out since the library moved into the building about 24 years ago.  The amount of dust was amazing -- like an entire dust bunny ecosystem had set up shop in there.

I'm talking serious dust people!  Almost the entirety of the closet looked like this!

Pictured above, beneath the dust crust, is a box of unused catalog cards for the old-school, cards-in-drawers, card catalog.  You know what I'm talking about.  Think Ghostbusters.  We have not had one of those systems in the building in years.  The catalog has been computerized for quite some time.  

That's the kind of insanity that was found in this supply closet.  I felt the need to document some of the treasures we unearthed for posterity.  

Circa 1990, or earlier!

The above is the base for a desk calendar.  We have never used these.  The "ROM"?  That's the name of the previous branch -- the location from 24 years ago.  It was brought over, put into the closet, and never saw the light of day again.  Today it also saw the inside of a garbage bag.

Do you remember the joys of typewriters and word processors?

These typewriter accessories are older than some of our staff members!  We have this newfangled technology called computers.  Why do we still have this shit?!

A pointy implement/pencil hybrid

To me it looks like some kind of a stitch remover, for sewing.  I really don't know why it was in a box with the staples.  My best guess is that maybe it was used for book repair at some point, back when books were actually sewn together.


This is a tape dispenser that is so broken it is literally being held together by tape.  Why in the name of all that is holy was this kept?  Was there a master plan to get it repaired at some point?  It's gone bye-bye now.

Unopened box of adhesive

Okay, this was actually a pretty cool find.  I have no idea what it is, but I'm guessing from the cover art that it is older than I am.  According to this Ebay listing it is "vintage", and apparently worth $10. Too bad I threw it out.

Do we still use this?  If so, for what?

S'gone!  Everything s'gone!  I just liked the name.  I have no idea if we still use this or how old it may be.  It has gone into my special pile of "Things For Maintenance".

Giant Golden Bouncy Paperclip of Awesome!

Is this just a giant golden bouncy paperclip to hold files?  Does it hold some secret meaning?  I like to think it is some secret library award -- like an Oscar or a Grammy.  "You have won the prestigious Giant Golden Bouncy Paperclip of Awesome!"  I did not throw this out.  How could I throw out something so amazing?  That shit is totally coming to the new branch with me, where it shall reside on my desk and be awesome.  I'm never putting files in it.  It will be my shiny trophy as a reward for cleaning out the supply closet.

Let this be a reminder to us all of the dangers of keeping everything and just stuffing it into the supply closet.  Love your supply closet.  Clean it out regularly.  Do not leave a gigantic job for some poor person in the future.  Do your part to keep the dust bunny armies from rising and taking over the world!!

These poor paper rolls lost the battle with the dust bunnies.  Don't be these paper rolls!

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