Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Day!! (Featuring Small Yard Problems)

I'm not going to lie -- I love getting a snow day from work as much as kids love getting them from school.  An extra day off always rocks!

You might remember that a blizzard hit the North East recently.  We got really lucky and got very little snow compared to those just 50 miles to the east.  This time around?  Not so lucky.  Most areas seem to have gotten about a foot so far.

Now, I realize if you live in Buffalo, for example, you are probably laughing your ass off at the thought of a foot of snow being qualified as "a lot".  I get it.  I went to Brockport, I am familiar with the horrors of Lake Effect snow.  It's one of the main reasons I chose to move back down here after graduation.

I just finished getting cleared out.  My awesome neighbor Walt had already come over and cleared my entire driveway once with his snow blower!  I had no idea!  I owe that man some Heineken.  My father came over with his snow blower and cleared it all back a second time.  I basically just had to do the steps.  I am a lucky gal!

I am now hoping we don't get more snow any time soon.  I'm about maxed out on space to pile it already.

For those of you who don't have tiny front yards:

That's my Dad, trying to stack up the snow better.  He's literally standing in the street at that point.

The piles are already nearing Small Animal Ski Slope proportions

The back yard isn't faring much better.  It has become the dumping ground for most of the snow from the drive way.

Ignore my lovely "shoveling out" ensemble, please.  I'm standing in the end of an area my father plowed out to reach the bird feeder.  It's about even with my knees.

Somewhere out there is my snowman.  I can't even see his jaunty cap!

Once we got my mess under control, my Dad cleared out the end of Walt's driveway for him again, and made a path from the house to the street for my neighbors across the street.  Walt & I seem to be the only ones on the street who have bothered to clear out so far.

Not too terribly long after this, when I was back indoors getting warm again, the plow truck came through.  I swear they have some uncanny ability to know when you have finished clearing the snow!  Don't see them for hours, but as soon as you finish -- there they are.  I'm being to think they have secret sensors, or hidden cameras.

Screw it.  Between my shoveling, Walt's efforts, and my Dad's work -- that front walkway has been cleared 4 times now.  It is what it is.  I give up.

Good thing I had a snow day!  

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