Friday, December 26, 2014

An End to My TV Drama

Apparently I have been a very good girl this year, as Santa brought me a new television!

Friends, if you have been following along you may remember my television has a mind of its own.  It had taken over complete control of what I was allowed to watch, even though no parental controls had ever been set on anything.

Finally, I can watch all of the channels again!

You have no idea how exciting an event this is for me.  It had gotten to the point where I started channel surfing the other night, just to see what I could and could not watch.

Teen Nick!!  My television had decided the f^&king Nickeloden was not acceptable viewing for me. I was becoming very afraid that I would shortly be relegated to viewing only Disney Jr. and Comedy Central.  Yeah, my television had some kind of love affair with Comedy Central.  I don't pretend to understand its logic, but any and all programming on Comedy Central was totally cool with my television.

That all ends now.  I've got a new television, and so many shows I have never been able to watch!

Behold!  The majestic beauty that is my television! Unfettered viewing is in my grasp!

My dear nephew (who is 7) has been on my case for the last two years to get a new television.  Each summer visit has brought its own special commentary.

This year:  

We were at a carnival, and they had a raffle to win a huge flat screen tv.  "You should enter that, Aunt Tammy.  You really need a bigger tv."

Last year:

"You should really get a flat screen, Aunt Tammy.  I have a flat screen in my room."

So, when said glorious event happened on Christmas morning, I had to text my brother so he could relay the news to my nephew.

That's right, I have joined the 21st century, buddy!

And there you have it, friends.  The end of my television drama.  

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go play with my new television and experience the glory of watching any damn thing that I want.

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