Thursday, November 13, 2014

Think You Are Out of Luck

One of our younger patrons came in to the library this afternoon, and he was all excited because he heard it was supposed to snow tonight.  The following conversation took place...

Boy: Do you know it is supposed to snow?

Me: Someone told me that earlier this afternoon, that we might get--

Boy: Could you check the weather report?  What does it say?  Are we getting snow?

Me:  Just a sec, I'm bringing it up now.  It says 70% chance of rain and snow, less than an inch of accumulation. 

Boy:  How much is an inch?  Do you think I'll get a snow day?

Me:  An inch is only like this much, dude. (I showed him with my fingers.)  Maybe you'll get a delay if you are really lucky. 

Boy:  I hope I get a snow day!

Me:  Well, you better go home and start doing the Snow Day Dance to try and make it happen!  Good luck!

Boy: Maybe I'll see you tomorrow -- after it snows!

Me: I'll be here!

And the patrons in line behind him thought he was so cute to be that excited about possibly getting an inch of snow. I did my part to help out his cause by not getting out my snow shovel. Maybe that will make Mother Nature bring enough snow to at least get the kid a two-hour delay. 

UPDATE:  Think my friend will be going to school unless the weather gets a lot worse overnight. Below is a picture of what the snow has amounted to so far. 

Sorry, little buddy!  Better luck next time!

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