Monday, September 15, 2014

Binge-watching Netflix Can Lead To Disappointment

aka I'm Going To Whine About My Trivial Problem Now

As you may or may not recall, my television at some point became self-aware determined that it was going to have the final say on what programs I watched.  The tl;dr version for those who don't want to click the link: with no parental controls set of any kind, my television will randomly not allow me to watch shows -- even those rated PG or TV-14.  I cannot fix it.  Verizon cannot fix it.  Since my television still works fine (well...mostly fine), I refuse to buy a new one.

To give you a few recent examples of my television's fine viewing decisions:

South Park -- watch all you want

Saturday Night Live -- absolutely not

Sleepy Hollow --  go right ahead! No problem with this show!

The Mummy Returns -- a PG-13 movie, edited for television?  Nope.

So let's flashback a short time to when the first season of Twisted was airing.  I was actually able to watch the first couple of episodes, and I loved it.  I was hooked! Is Danny really a murderer?  I was vacillating back and forth.  

Turns out I would get to wonder for many, many months.  When the third episode aired, my television decided that I would no longer be allowed to watch that show.  I don't have a DVR, so no skirting the issue that way.  I tried to go in and watch the episodes "On Demand", but was still blocked.  

So imagine my joy when, a few nights ago, I discovered that Twisted was on Netflix.  YES!!  I have no idea how long it has been available on there.  It never even crossed my mind to check for it.  I had accepted my fate of never knowing whether Danny Desai was really a murderer. 

I watched the entire season in a couple of days.  Talk about a cliffhanger ending!  

I needed more!  I had become a Twisted junkie, and I needed my fix.

Maybe the second season is starting in the Fall?  I'll go somewhere else and watch it if my television is still misbehaving. I hit Google up for the answer.

Tragically, my search results told me that the show was cancelled.  Why, why are you doing this ABC Family?!  So now I am back to being bummed out over Twisted again. 

Silver lining: Avan Jogia will be playing Tut in a series/event to air on Spike next year.

 I am going to try very hard not to express any excitement about this, as I don't want to jinx it and/or him.  Maybe if the TV Gods do not think I have any interest in it whatsoever it will all go well, and my television will let me watch it when the time comes.

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