Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bird Feeder Carnage

Something, or someone, destroyed my bird feeder overnight.

At first I assumed the creepy deer were back again.  They raid the bird feeder a lot in the winter.  They sometimes knock it down, but it stays in one piece.  The thug squirrels take out the feeder sometimes as well, at least I assume it was the squirrels that pulled it up onto the garage roof once.  I guess it could have been desperate raccoons as well.

I went outside this morning to feed the feral kitties, and saw the bird feeder on the ground.  Again.  Assuming it was the deer, I went over to pick it up and refill it.  Annoying, but it happens.

This is what I found:

My cool lantern bird feeder has been murdered!

The bird feeder has been destroyed -- there is no saving it.  Glass is smashed all in my flower bed.  The metal frame is bent.  Even the plastic around the solar light that sat in the top was smashed.

So now I'm not sure it was really the creepy deer.  They would have to have been seriously pissed off deer to have done that much damage, and some of the glass was embedded in the ground.

I don't know which is worse, frankly: the idea that there are pissed off deer capable of thoroughly destroying a metal bird feeder scampering around the neighborhood, or the idea that some miscreant was in my back yard breaking shit for fun.

Either way, I am not amused.  

R.I.P. cool lantern bird feeder!  

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